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Ashley is in the process of writing and recording her first album at ShockCity Studios in St. Louis, MO! Original Song titles – Home again – What ya Konwing – Better Run – Crazy for You an more.

IMPORTANT ANOUNCEMENT: “Crazy for You” is now available on Itunes and Google Play as well as many other sites around the world.

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Listen to the full song for free because you are my fans and I am also Crazy for You too.

More original songs are coming soon! Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Original Songs

  1. Hey Ashley!
    It’s Shelby You are so pretty and such a good singer!!! I’m kind of starting to get interested into performing and singing. I was wondering if you could maybe give me some helpful pointers because I’m new to this all. I was also wondering if you knew any good vocal coaches? I’d really appreciate it!
    Text me sometime!!!

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  3. Your an AMAZING SINGER! And your pictures are GORGEOUS! I love your new song <3 can't wait for your album!!! I am sure they are going to be really good and a great hit!!!
    -Love you Sydnee

    My name is Grace and i go to your school! Your a big inspiration to me. I can play the guitar., and about to start singing lessons. whenever i see u in the halls or by the busses i wanna say hi to you but then that wold be akward because you don’t know me. Are you gonna try out for onstage for High school? your gonna make it big!! you r droop dead gorggie 2!! love ya gurl!! im a fan! I hope you could check and see my instagram page it is: 4donohoo4. if you could follow me that would be great. im learning if i die young. and you cover of it has helped me sooooo much! i might be putting up some covers of songs on youtube. I engoy listening to your music. THANKS FOR READING THIS!!

  5. Hey Ashley,
    Grace Donohoo again. i really enjoy your website! Your Guitar is soooooooo coool. I have 2 guitars. I think you should do a cover of we are never ever getting back together! I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on songwriting. i wanna start writing songs but i have no clue how. If u could give me some pointers that would be great! You can leave a coment on my instagram page(4donohoo4) or i will leave a comment on your instagram page. What is the name of the song u wrote it is very catchy it goes like you better run beter run fast as you can., something like that. But i cant stop singing it!! Its stuck in my head!! Your hair is really pretty 2! I <3 that color!! Well i better stop blabbing on but you are very GORGEOUS!!! BTW I LOVE HUNTER HAYES TOO!!!!!!!!! THANKS ASHLEY!!:)<3
    Grace Donohoo
    instagram: 4donohoo4

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