BREAKING: Ashley has recorded three new original songs, THEY ARE GREAT! (preview will be released here as soon as allowed by contract with American Idol)

Will be posted soon

Hey guys…you may know that I auditioned for American Idol Farewell Season. Here is my auditions video, Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King……Yes, I got a Golden Ticket. Don’t forget to visit my video page here as well.

Ashley on American Idol Season 14:
Ashley Idol Season 14


“Crazy For You” – This Video was produced when Ashley was 13

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To all my Fans – I am also Crazy for You too.

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Ashley Lusk and John Tipton sing “Let Her Go”


Ashley Lusk, “One More Night” cover

Ashley Lusk, “If I Die Young” cover

Ashley Lusk cover – Taylor Swift “Safe And Sound”

Ashley at open mike at the Gramophone in St. Louis January 23rd.


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